March 2016: IN THIS TOGETHER workshopped at the Omnibus Theatre in South London


March 2016: Finalist with 2 scripts in the Create50 competition


February 2016: FLAPPERS is a Quarter Finalist in the Screenwriting Goldmine Competition


January 2016: FLAPPERS through to the quarter finals of the Fresh Voices Competition


October 2015: Kristina was selected for the Talent Campus, a 3 months intensive BFI Skillset programme.


August 2015: FLAPPERS is the only Finalist in the TV Pilot category at the International Moondance Competition 


July 2015: FLAPPERS episode 1 gets an evaluation of 8/10 on the Blacklist (achieved by less than 5% of scripts) 


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Loglines by Kristina Day


A modern Romeo and Juliet. But instead of waring houses, Mark is a right wing extremist and Samira is being radicalised, becoming an Islamist jihadist. They are the very symbol of each other’s hate. But their hearts are soul mates. Can love win over ideology? 

THE PERFECT DAUGHTER, an adventure story in a historical setting

The year is 1603 and 15 year old Amy has been brainwashed and trained under hypnosis in extraordinary skills, be it potions, combat, riddles, or mastery of the sling shot. She wants to purge herself from this mind control but when the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I dies Amy finds herself at the centre of a vicious fight over the succession. She must take control of her mind and master her skills to prove she's the rightful heir to the throne - or she’ll be killed as a traitor. 

FLAPPERS (a returning TV drama series)

Series Logline: 

A go-getting and unruly kitchen maid bluffs, quips, flirts, and cons her way into high society at the sumptuous Waldorf Hotel, championing equality in the London of the roaring 20s.


Episode 1: 

London, 1921: ELLA takes a job as a kitchen maid at the prestigious Waldorf Hotel determined to rub elbows with the rich and famous, but her go-getting nature -- and the attentions of handsome porter Jackson -- put her livelihood in jeopardy.

ON MY WATCH (feature film):

A dramedy about a bossy female guardian angel who wants to interfere in people's lives but has to learn to respect their free will to become an archangel and walk amongst humans.

NOT A EUPHEMISM (fantasy comedy series)

An ordinary girl finds herself to be roommates with Death, Cupid, and Psyche. And that’s not a euphemism. Allegories are real people too. Here they are young apprentices who still have to learn their trade - figure out what they stand for. They are not meant to do that on Earth in 2015 but due to staff shortages and leaves on the line, there’s been a mix up and they ended up here and now.  

WILLING& ABLE (returning crime series)

A group of disabled people - with autism, OCD, blindness, Down syndrome, or in a wheelchair - train at a charity designed to help them back into employment. Dealing with dreary tasks outsourced by other businesses the trainees must turn their special needs into special skills when they realise one of their clients tries to cover up a serious crime.