March 2016: IN THIS TOGETHER workshopped at the Omnibus Theatre in South London


March 2016: Finalist with 2 scripts in the Create50 competition


February 2016: FLAPPERS is a Quarter Finalist in the Screenwriting Goldmine Competition


January 2016: FLAPPERS through to the quarter finals of the Fresh Voices Competition


October 2015: Kristina was selected for the Talent Campus, a 3 months intensive BFI Skillset programme.


August 2015: FLAPPERS is the only Finalist in the TV Pilot category at the International Moondance Competition 


July 2015: FLAPPERS episode 1 gets an evaluation of 8/10 on the Blacklist (achieved by less than 5% of scripts) 


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Script Excerpts by Kristina Day


1603, Queen Elizabeth I has just died without an heir, and a teenage girl realises her parents have brainwashed and groomed her in extraordinary skills as the rightful heir to the throne. She must take control of her own mind and outwit her enemies to claim her true place in history. 

First 11 pages
The Perfect Daughter by K Day, first 10 [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [45.3 KB]

from: FLAPPERS, a returning drama series 

It’s 1921, the time of Flappers, parties, and great dresses. None of it is for the working class but that won’t hold Ella back. Pregnant and dismissed from her job as a kitchen maid at the Waldorf hotel, Ella bluffs, quips, flirts, and cons her way into high society to secure her child’s future.

first 10 pages here

It's the 1920s. A go-getting and unruly kitchenmaid at the Waldorf hotel falls pregnant and bluffs, quips, cons, and flirts her way into high society to secure her child's future.
FLAPPERS ep 1 by K Day, 1st 10 pages.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [43.7 KB]