March 2016: IN THIS TOGETHER workshopped at the Omnibus Theatre in South London


March 2016: Finalist with 2 scripts in the Create50 competition


February 2016: FLAPPERS is a Quarter Finalist in the Screenwriting Goldmine Competition


January 2016: FLAPPERS through to the quarter finals of the Fresh Voices Competition


October 2015: Kristina was selected for the Talent Campus, a 3 months intensive BFI Skillset programme.


August 2015: FLAPPERS is the only Finalist in the TV Pilot category at the International Moondance Competition 


July 2015: FLAPPERS episode 1 gets an evaluation of 8/10 on the Blacklist (achieved by less than 5% of scripts) 


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Kristina Day               Screenwriter and Playwright

Kristina is an award winning screenwriter with a sunny disposition and a collaborative nature.


She writes warm, entertaining, spiritual stories about women who are ambitious, funny, and flawed.


Please find loglines as well as script extracts on this site. For enquiries, please visit the Contact page.  

In Brief:


Workshop of the play IN THIS TOGETHER at the Omnibus Theatre, Clapham with Saffron Myers directing

Finalist with two short film scripts in the Create50: "The Impact" competition, a unique community-led film initiative 

Quarter Finalist in the Screenwriting Goldmine, a prestigious UK competition


FLAPPERS is the only Finalist in the TV Pilot category at the Moondance International Film Festival Competition

Kristina is selected for the Talent Campus, an intensive three months mentored programme. funded by the BFI and Skillset

FLAPPERS, a period drama pilot, gets an 8 on the Blacklist, achieved by less than 5% of scripts

An extract of the comedy series ON MY WATCH is selected for an Actors Table Read at the LSF, directed by Vadim Jean ("The Colour of Magic")



Shortlisted in the "New Dramatists'​ Club"​ by the agent Jean Kitson, Head of Kitson Management

Winner of a place at the Script Lab with John Yorke at the LSF

An extract of the returning drama series FLAPPERS is selected for an Actors Table Read at the LSF, directed by Leyla Pope ("The Lift") 


Short listed to pitch to Trademark Films at Wordstock Festival

2nd place in Script Angel's Mentoring Competition at London Screenwriters Festival

Actors Table Read for an extract of the feature THE PERFECT DAUGHTER at the London Screenwriters Festival